Picture of Jim Cook

Jim Cook is a well known dancer both in and around London and also on the Continent.

He teaches and acts as MC for several London area groups on a rota basis, and also for special events abroad.

Over the years he has sat on various local society committees (from which he is most definitely "resting") including that of the RSCDS London Branch for whom he was at one point editor of their newsletter The Reel.


Picture of Davinia Miln

Davinia Miln is a certified RSCDS teacher, and is a well-known figure on the London Scottish Dancing scene.

As well as as being an MC at Wimbledon Reels, she has also been involved with a Scottish dancing group in Chiswick and a group of Reelers at Clapham.

Davinia is a former committee member at RSCDS London Branch, and is presently on the committee of the Little Ship Club, which meets each month during winter and spring, and organises three large functions with a band in collaboration with the Hurlingham Club each year.

Always happy to help, Davinia likes to encourage others to enjoy Scottish dancing, and likes meeting and encouraging new dancers.

If you need some dance tuition with a group of friends for a forthcoming event eg wedding or dance then do contact her directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07958 980676.

Picture of Brian Pierson

Brian Pierson started folk dancing and playing a button key accordion at school and is an RSCDS trained and qualified Scottish Country Dance teacher having passed his final teaching certificate at St Andrews in 2008.

He has run courses at Banstead and Surrey University and at Reigate and West Wickham SCD clubs and has taught and MC’d three weekend workshops in Turin, Italy.

He has served on an RSCDS branch committee and has devised several dances of his own.

Brian is based in London and travels widely to share the fun, pleasure and skill of dancing Scottish. He will help you every step of the way!

Contact Brian on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07942 087429

Picture of Lindsey Rousseau

Lindsey Jane Rousseau teaches Scottish dancing in London and enjoys dancing herself. 

She is a regular caller for ceilidh dances and MC for Clan Macpherson Reels and Balls in London and Scotland.

The objective for any evening of dancing for Lindsey is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, gets satisfaction from their own dancing and dancing with others, and that the chuckle muscles are well used!


rachelwilton 2cRachel Wilton is an RSCDS certificated teacher who has taught for RSCDS London Branch and for other Branches and groups in the UK and abroad. She also acts as MC on Monday nights at St Columba's and has called for ceilidh evenings.

She loves dancing and would like everyone else to love it too.