Last Update:  27 September 2021

At the moment, over eighty percent of the adult population have had both doses of Covid vaccine.  However, case numbers, deaths and numbers in hospital, although stable, are still regrettably high.

Therefore, although we are resuming dancing as normal from 5 October 202, we still have to be careful and to take all reasonable precautions to keep everybody safe.

We have prepared this set of FAQs detailing the precautions we will be taking.

1.  Do I need to have been vaccinated before attending Wimbledon Reels?

Yes - in most cases we expect everyone attending to have had both doses of the vaccine and any boosters which are offered in the future.

There are a very small number of exceptions which are dealt with in the next question.

2.  What if I have not been vaccinated?

If you have not been vaccinated by choice then, sadly, you cannot attend.

If you have chosen to be vaccinated but have received medical advice that the risks to you would exceed the benefits, then you may attend but you must have taken a PCR test with a negative result within 48 hours before you attend.

If you have not been vaccinated because you have just returned to Britain having been resident in a country where vaccination was not available, then we would expect you to get your first dose as soon as possible and not to attend until at least two weeks after it, and to have a negative test within the last 48 hours before you attend

3.  Do I need to prove my vaccine or test status at the door?

No - we believe that our dancers are honest, and we trust people to abide by this code without having to provide proof.  Please note that by attending, you are giving us your personal assurance that your vaccination and test status comply with this FAQ.

4.  I have had both doses of the vaccine.  Should I also take a Covid test before attending?

Yes, if possible.  Vaccination gives you increased protection, but it does not give total immunity.  You can still catch Covid and pass it on to others. To protect everyone else, we advise that you should take a Lateral Flow Test in the 48 hours prior to attending.

5.  What precautions will you be taking during the evening?

During the evening, we will:

    • Treat the hall with anti-viral spray before the start of the evening
    • Ensure that as many windows and doors are kept open to maximise ventilation
    • Place chairs around the walls separated by a one-metre interval
    • Provide an ample supply of hand sanitiser in the hall which the MC will encourage everyone to use in between each dance
    • Encourage people to maintain social distancing by spreading out during breaks and not congregate around the refreshment area

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, (high temperature; new continuous cough; loss or change to your sense of smell or taste), DO NOT ATTEND WIMBLEDON REELS.  Follow current government guidelines for testing and self-isolation.


Thank you. We look forward to seeing you and dancing together in the most secure ways that we can provide at Wimbledon reels.