We do all eleven dances that are regularly performed by reeling groups:

The Dashing White Sergeant
The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
The Duke of Perth
The Eightsome Reel
The Foursome Reel
Hamilton House
Inverness Country Dance (Speed the Plough)
The Machine Without Horses

Mairi's Wedding
Postie's Jig
The Reel of the 51st Division

In addition, we do another 24 dances which have been selected because they are relatively well-known and are frequently performed elsewhere:

The Belle of Bon Accord
The Black Mountain Reel
The Blooms of Bon Accord
Butterscotch and Honey
The Duke of Atholl's Reel
The Highland Rambler
J B Milne
McDonald of the Isles
The Montgomeries' Rant
Napier's Index
Pelorus Jack
The Piper and the Penguin
The Reel of the Royal Scots
The Robertsons'  Rant
Round Reel of Eight
The Sailor
Seann Truibhas Willichan
Seton's Ceilidh Band
Shiftin' Bobbins
A Trip to Bavaria
West's Hornpipe
The White Heather Jig
The Wind on Loch Fyne

A crib booklet of all our core and easy dances can be found

A crib booklet of all our core and easy dances can be found here.

You may need to download and install the free Adobe® Reader® to view or print the crib booklet.