Scottish country dancing is really sociable.  It's one of the few types of dancing where lots of people dance together.  In ballroom, ceroc and jive you dance as a couple.  In Scottish country dancing you dance with a set of about eight people.  In addition, you change sets and partners for each dance.  By the end of the evening you will have danced with most of the people in the hall.

Unlike disco, it's ideal for the reluctant dancer.  Everybody gets up right from the start.  There's no crowd of nervous watchers hovering on the edge of the dance floor.  No-one feels self-conscious because everyone else is joining in.

It’s also very friendly and quite physical (in a polite way). Dancers take hold to spin, circle, promenade, etc, and they smile at each other and make eye contact. 

And finally, it’s great exercise! An evening's Scottish country dancing is at least as aerobic as the most vigorous session at the gym and is a lot less boring than the treadmill.

So how do I start?

Why not come along to a Wimbledon Reels to see what we do?  You can be sure of a friendly welcome.

All our dances are walked through and called so that eveone can join in and we deliberately limit ourselves to a small range of dances so that newcomers can pick them up very quickly.

If you enjoy it we can also recommend some classes where you can go to learn more about the steps and formations.